The Bean AboutTM is a smarter evolution of the good old beanbag. It’s as comfortable and supportive as a full size beanbag, and with its clever, original design, it’s as portable as a backpack!

Andy and I love the supreme comfort of the iconic beanbag and after one too many kids’ parties, uncomfortably standing about or sitting in the grass we thought…

“Wouldn’t it be great to have a small, foldable beanbag that you could take anywhere!”

Up until then, we, like most people, considered the Beanbag to be a predominantly large, static indoor piece of furniture. We loved it, but it just wasn’t practical to take anywhere we wanted to.

We felt the Beanbag should and could evolve into something that would better suit our family’s active outdoor lifestyle. So we set out to create:

A beanbag that was compact enough to be folded, with an innovative design that allowed it to be carried anywhere easily. While also retaining the iconic cozy comfort of the classic beanbag.

That started us on this journey. We have been planning strategies, drawing designs, testing fabrics, and relaxing in prototypes for the past three years, and we’re just getting going.

This journey has been made easier through working with some of the most talented textile professionals in Sydney. The careful craftsmanship and skill of these women has been instrumental in making this unique product look and feel fantastic.

Designing the Bean About

We knew that supporting the spine was the most important thing when it came to designing the Bean About, but we also wanted to retain enough wrap around comfort to keep it cozy.

Finding just the right amount of beans to keep the Bean About compact yet iconic was a matter of fine-tuning. It’s unique design allows for a minimum amount of beans. In-fact, we use LESS THAN HALF of an average adult sized beanbag. This makes it light enough for kids, compact enough to be folded, and easier to carry, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Then we added straps to the back of the bag for portability, 2 pockets on the outside to secure valuables, and 3 more pockets on the inside for a drink, some snacks, and anything else one might need while relaxing at the park or on the beach.

Do you have Comfort Issues?

Fed up with beach time backache and parkland pains, then look no further. Bean About is here to help stop those uncomfortable situations from happening…

Supporting endangered animals

As animal and nature lovers we thought we could use the kids printed designs to bring awareness to endangered species and have chosen to promote… The Mountain Gorilla, Australian Rock Wallaby and the Tiger. A quarterly donation of 2 dollars from every kids bag sold will go to 3 charities who are working to save these amazing creatures, these charities are Virunga, WWF and The Wilderness Society.

“Our Bean About goes from the kids footy to picnics to the beach to the balcony. We store it in the car so there’s always a comfy seat on hand. Wouldn’t be without it! ”

Rachel Rodd, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia.

How It Works

Using bean distribution the Bean About operates best when it’s just over half full so that it can be folded. Then due to weight distribution the Bean About feels completely full when you’re seated!

How it works step one

The bag is deployed by unhooking the wooden toggle and shaking the beans down to the pointed end to create your back rest.

Once the beans are there just flip the bag onto the ground like laying a picnic blanket. This will hold the beans firmly in the backrest area.

Give the beans a little pat around the centre of the bag to move some down towards your bottom area before taking a seat.

When you’re ready to go, just shake the beans back to the blunt end, lay the bag on the ground and fasten the toggle. It’s as simple as that.

There are so many ways you can sit or lay on your Bean About. Upright for conversations at a picnic or lounging low to take a nap or read a book. Just adjust your beans to the way you like it.

Your Beans

Each adult Bean About should hold approximately 57 litres of polystyrene beans. Polystyrene beans come in bags of 100 litres so keep the left over beans to top up your Bean About occasionally. There is NEVER any need to throw your beans away as a topped up bag is just as comfortable as a newly filled one! Keep your beans and reuse them over and over again.

Filling Your Bag

When filling, slow down just over the halfway point then test the foldability. If it’s easily folded, then fill a little more. It’s perfect just before the point where you can no longer fold and fasten.

Looking After Your Bag

The Bean About is a spot wash outdoor product, so if you get the occasional mud or grass stain on it, just get some hot soapy water and sponge the area down to remove the stain before hanging it outside to dry on a sunny day.

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