Frequently Asked Questions

How we give back to charity!
We are a caring lot, and love being involved with a variety of charities. Recently we have joined forces with ‘Save the Children’ Australia, and are giving them $10 from every Bean About ‘Outback’ sale. $10 can make a big difference to a child’s life, and we can’t wait to all be a part of that! Sharing is caring! So please donate more HERE.

How much am I actually paying when buying from outside Australia?
We thought it would be a good idea to create a link straight through to a currency converter. Just CLICK HERE to convert $89 AUS plus postage to your own money.

Does the Bean About come with Beans?
At this point the Bean About does not come with filling but a 100ml bag is all you need and can be purchased at your nearest department store. Please remember to be green with your beans by topping up, reusing and being careful never to let any of them loose! We are currently looking at how we can make a new plant based polystyrene available in Australia… so watch this space!

Is the Bean About light?
Yes it certainly is! Both adult and kids bags are under 1kg when filled with filling.

Is the Bean About safe?
Yes all of our bags are made from high quality recycled polyester with non toxic PU coating and have been REACH tested to meet international safety standards, so no nastys! All of our seams are built for strength with double stitching and we use only the best safety locking YKK zips, cotton rope and wooden toggles.

Is the Bean About waterproof?
The Bean About is water resistant and uses a PU (polyurethane) coating inside which is a non toxic laminate.

How many Beans are needed to fill a Bean About?

  • Adult: 57 Litres
  • Kids: 32 Litres

A 100L bag is perfect so that you can keep your spare beans for future tops ups.

If I’m not a retailer, can I buy in bulk?
Yes if you are a buyer not looking to re-sell our product then orders of 10 and over can be arranged with a discounted % by contacting us on

I’m interested in buying Bean About’s wholesale.
We like your style! Feel free to get in touch with us on

Do you have any discounted family packages?
Yes we have the Comfy Family Package offering a 10% discount on the total price of your choice of 2 adult and 2 kids bags.

What if I order over the family discount amount?
If you want to order over the family discount quantity you will not receive the 10% discount on that order. So we advise in this instance to make 2 separate orders.

How does the Bean About work?

The bag is deployed by unhooking the wooden toggle and shaking the beans down to the pointed end to create your back rest.

Once the beans are there just flip the bag onto the ground like laying a picnic blanket. This will hold the beans firmly in the backrest area.

Give the beans a little pat around the centre of the bag to move some down towards your bottom area before taking a seat.

When you’re ready to go, just shake the beans back to the blunt end, lay the bag on the ground and fasten the toggle. It’s as simple as that.

Online Store

Who do I contact by e-mail if I have a question?
Contact us at and we will answer any question you may have as soon as we can.

Why can’t I find a phone number to contact you?
At this time, our customer service operates primarily via e-mail. This allows us to better collect information and prioritize our customer inquiries. Please send an e-mail to if you have any questions regarding your shopping experience. We promise to respond within a reasonable amount of time.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept all major credit cards which can be processed securely through Pay Pal.

Will I be charged Goods and Services Tax on my order?
All prices shown are inclusive of GST so you will not be charged any extra taxes / charges when going through checkout.

Can I change my order?
Yes you can change your item if you are exchanging it for one of the same price and only if you contact us on before the original item has been shipped.

Product Care

How do I clean my Bean About?
The bean about is a spot wash outdoor product, so if you get the occasional mud or grass stain on it, just get some hot soapy water and sponge the area down to remove the stain before hanging it outside to dry on a sunny day.

How do I care for my Bean About?
Avoid direct sun light and extreme heat conditions as this could cause the material to warp.

Be Safe

Look Out!
Children can suffocate if bean bag filling is swallowed or inhaled. Do not let children climb inside this bean bag. A bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 months of age.

Safety in mind!
The zipper tab on this product have been removed to prevent opening by children. Use a paper clip to open zipper on the bean bag. Remove paper clip and keep somewhere safe after closing the zipper.

What shops stock the adult Bean About?


23 Albert

23 Albert Street
Sydney NSW
Australia 2096

+61 2 9905 2888

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Shed 6
Queens Wharf
Wellington 6011

04 499 8898

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251 Hereford Street

+64 (03) 595 1364

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